It´sThe Final Countdown

Final Countdown is an advanced timer for windows PC´s.It can do anything you may want from a timer !Good Night Mode,Anti-Guest System,Economy Mode..You name it !

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Why Do You Need It ?

You Don´t Need To Pay Anything To Use Final Countdown !

Did you ever wanted to shutdown your computer after a certain amount of time ? Do you like listening to music while sleeping but don´t want to keep your commputer running all night?

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What Others Say About Us ?


Leaving your computer up and running is sometimes necessary.if you're waiting for a download to finish, for example--but it's also a security risk. If you want to make sure that your system shuts down after a specific amount of time without your involvement, try Final Countdown. This simple utility can be set to perform a variety of shutdown tasks after you've gone, ensuring that your computer isn't vulnerable in your absence.

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Techno Enclave

You can perform any task using your computer by properly timing the operating system. By default, Windows doesn’t ship with any tools with timer functionality. Final Countdown is an advanced timer application developed for Windows 7 and 8. The freeware is capable of doing any task such as Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Alarm, Log Off and much more on the time set by the user.

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I Love Free Software

Final Countdown is a free sleep timer for Windows. It is just like your sleep timer on your TV. But it is for pc’s! It can shutdown , sleep , lock , log off , stand by , hibernate your computer at the time you have selected. Think about it..You want to download something but you do not want your computer to run all the night long. All you have to do is setting Final Countdown to shutdown (Or whatever you would like it to do) 2 hours later.

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Software Review Boffin

Software Review Boffin declared Final Countdown a perfect sleep timer software for Windows. It is just like the sleep timer in your television. Set the time then go to sleep while being assured that your computer will close at the time that you have chosen.

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